Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hello Summer Sun

Summer is here and no matter what part of the U.S. you live in, you'll be soaking up some rays and you'll need to protect your skin before you get burnt.

Here in Florida we are outside most of the year, either for work or play. We make yearly visits to the dermatologist and  are experts on what shape a mole should be. Because of this we are very conscious of how important sun protection is, using either cover ups or sun block.

Lately, a majority of our custom prints are on dri fit apparel. Businesses like pressure washers or yacht detailers love the quick dry material. These fabrics spread the moisture throughout the garment so it is easily evaporated into the environment.
They also like the fact that the fabric is rated 50+ SPF and is recommended as an effective sun protectant from the Skin Cancer Foundation.

We've had a lot of people go for the less expensive cotton tees with a screen printed design. While these are great quality shirts and prints, it's not the best option if you're holding an event outside. The cotton will absorb the sweat and will make the shirt heavier, resisting evaporation. This is why cotton shirts take so long to dry. I know my grandfather would wear long sleeves and jeans outside. He would argue that it made you feel cooler than shorts and a shirt. He was essentially wearing clothing that was drenched in his own bodily fluids but I guess I can see his reasoning.

Well, whatever your choice of sun protection is, make sure you don't go out without it. 

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