Friday, November 4, 2016

We're always asked how the dye sublimation printing process works and why we can't print on dark shirts. We've created this visual that will show you what your artwork will look like on different colored shirts and what will happen when you dye sub a dark colored shirt.
Because the artwork is actually dyed into the fabric of the shirt, different colored apparel will give the artwork a different effect. For example, white lettering shows up white on a white shirt but on a yellow shirt the lettering will be yellow. The reason is that white ink isn't an color option when using sublimation printing so the white areas of your artwork will be left blank letting the color of the shirt to show through. There are many advantages to sublimation printing and to screen printing, let us help you choose what method is best for your custom printed apparel.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Online Apparel Designer Tutorial

We've put together a tutorial on how to use our Online Apparel Design Tool. In this video we featured our dri-fit fishing shirts but we also offer cotton tees and tanks.
This video goes from selecting your garment colors, sizes, and quantity all the way to check out.
We also show you how to save your designs and email them to friends and family for their opinion. You can also upload them to your facebook, twitter, or pinterest.
Take note that we do offer a variety of free artwork that you can use, no charge!
Need a logo or have an idea in your head? Let us know, we have a staff of graphic artists that can help you bring your ideas to life.
Thanks for watching our video. Please check out our other videos on our YouTube channel.